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The SEO landscape changes on a weekly basis. Due to this evolution, we put together a list of frequently asked questions in order to keep you up to speed. If you have questions that are not listed, contact us and we’ll get them answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular SEO is geared towards the optimization of your site’s content to widen its reach among users who are looking for something it’s offering. So it’s all about getting a website to dominate SERPs by getting higher rankings.

On the other hand, Local SEO is more focused on attracting users who are looking for an actual establishment that they can visit. Usually, you’d be targeting users who are on Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Local SEO requires a more immediate hook because these users are looking to patronize a business within their vicinity right away. This type of SEO involves claiming your online storefront, correcting and sprucing up your listings, getting credible citations, and the usual content optimization on your site itself. Local SEO is an essential part of any profitable online marketing campaign.

While there are differences in how these two forms of SEO are performed, their main difference lies in what they’re trying to accomplish. Traditional SEO is all about getting more traffic and conversions by loading up your site with optimal keywords related to the products or services you’re offering.

Local SEO targets potential customers on a regional scale by using geographically specific keywords. Doing so increases the chances of them stopping at your business’ location.

Click the following link for a more detailed explanation of the differences between Local SEO and Organic SEO.

If your business is location-based and you need potential clients and customers to visit your place of operation, then local SEO will be extremely beneficial for you.

Our expert SEO Consultants optimize your website with the proper keywords that take your location into account. We also calibrate your online storefront details, as well as add citations. After the optimizing, you’re more likely to be found by users who are looking for the services or products that you offer.

Let’s say you own a landscaping business in Redondo Beach, California. Users in need of your services will type something like “best landscape service Portland” into their search engines. By doing local SEO, your business should be at the forefront of their search results. You’d also be making it easier for them to contact you should they have any inquiries.

Also, by improving your site’s content, you’re making your services more appealing to your target audience. Does this sound like something you desperately need? Contact us, and we’ll give you a free consultation.

N = name

A = address

P = phone number

Accurate listings of these three aspects are crucial if you want prime spots in the local organic SERPs. Search engines prioritize businesses with well-tended online storefronts. Neglecting your listing means being ignored by search engines. It’s as simple as that.

How important is it that I set up location-based accounts on social media platforms?

Let’s say your business has many branches. Is it necessary to create social media accounts for each one? We understand that this seems like a ton of work, but the answer to that question is, “yes!”

Doing this gives users the chance to connect with your establishments that are close to where they are. You want to prove to your target audience that you are accessible and ready to clear up any confusions they may have and assist them through the buying process. This part is where you reel them in. 

Having a reliable presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram also boosts your business’ image, which never hurts.

If your potential customers must provide their specific city or what service it is that they require, then yes, having a locator would be helpful. However, displaying a map on your site doesn’t help if you’re running an in-home web-based service. For this, the best thing to do is send them to your business’ local landing page.

SEM is the acronym for Search Engine Marketing.  It refers to engaging in paid advertising to gain visibility. Another name for SEM is Paid Search Ads and PPC Pay Per Click. Some examples would be Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, so forth, and so on.

Whether you’re performing SEO by yourself or you’re hiring a professional service to do it for you, the results that you want are never guaranteed. If a company tells you that there is no way for their online marketing campaign to fail, that’s a bad sign.

Why? Google algorithm is a fickle thing. Yes, you can generally predict its behavior, but there is no way to ensure that you’d get the exact results that you want every single time you tweak your SEO strategy. A lot of this rides on user behavior (current trends and how people interact with your site), so it takes some time and patience.

SEO is precarious work, and it’s always better to leave it to the professionals who have been studying Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and online marketing trends for years.

Never. We have in-house experts that work exclusively for our company. Our team has been working together for years, so our service is very streamlined at this point. We always take into account that every campaign is different, and we pay close attention to your specific business needs.

A campaign takes some time to execute and profit from. You can’t devise one overnight, and it can’t give you instant results. The best we can do is provide an estimate, illustrating when your ideal traffic and conversion rates should come to fruition. Based on our experiences with countless clients, they usually achieve the results they want within 1-3 months for long-tail keywords. Competitive search terms, on the other hand, may take up to 6 months.

Do you need more foot traffic? If the doors to your store stay closed for most of the day, then local SEO is your solution.

Nowadays, people look for their needs on the web. How are they supposed to find your business if you are not in the top of the SERPs search results pages?

If you don’t perform SEO, you are missing out on potential customers that will only see your competition who has the taken the time to optimize their sites and listings online. Like any good marketing strategy, SEO requires initiative. The sooner you prioritize this part of your business model, the sooner you’ll have customers pouring in.

We don’t just take on any clients. We analyze your SEO objectives, your competition, and then map out SEO strategies and tactics for your success. This pre-planning is what separates us from our competitors.

A lot of other Local SEO companies will throw around unrealistic promises to get more clients; not us. What we have under our belt is our extensive experience and the recognition we’ve earned throughout the years.

Our process starts with analyzing your current Local SEO rankings. Analyzing your current website and finally, analyzing your competition. It is from that vantage point that we determine what it will take to get you into the top of the Google 3 Pack. We can consistently deliver stellar results because we never go in blind!

The cost for the local SEO service we provide depends entirely on your needs and current online status. We get to know your site’s history, where your business is located, what keywords you’re targeting, and what your end goal is.

We cater to established and up-and-coming businesses alike, and we provide cost-effective campaigns for both. We don’t overcharge for our services, so you can rest assured that you get what you pay for. Contact us to get a no-obligation, no-cost consultation with one of our Local SEO Analysts.

Usually, our clients’ sites don’t need drastic upgrades. We understand that you have a brand, and your site has its specific aesthetic. We’re not here to disturb that. What we change is its codes and content, not your site’s overall appearance.

If your site should need a major overhaul, aesthetically we can refer you to website design experts who are part of our network.

To be transparent, we use a combination of SEO tools to find the most profitable Local Keywords, to analyze how competitive the keywords are and what it will take to rank above your competitors — tools such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, Spyfu, along with our proprietary keyword tool.

If you are attempting to perform keyword research without the benefit of the tools above, you can still get the job done manually. That stated you wouldn’t find all of the golden nuggets that can be found using the automated tools, but you can still do a decent job.

First, you have to focus on unbranded keywords – in other words, cover a more general scope. An easy way to find out what these are is by checking your Google reviews and Q&A section to see what terms that users mention most often. You also have to pay attention to keyword suggestions offered by Yelp and other review sites.

There are also a couple of free services you can check out to find out what these keywords are like Google My Business and Google Analytics. Once you have a solid list, you can use another service like Ubersuggest or Keyword Planner to rank these keywords based on their popularity in your city. As you can see, your goal is to narrow down your keyword optimization to your specific location.

When you have your most optimal keywords at hand, make sure they’re in key positions on your main landing pages.

Both of these forms of marketing are excellent when you have mastered them! Once you have the skills to optimize and manage your ad campaigns, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising will yield some astronomical results.

But be warned, if you’re paying for clicks, there is nothing that guarantees those clicks will convert into sales unless you are on top of your PPC game.

PPC should be used in conjunction with your Local SEO and Organic SEO campaigns. Combining SEO and SEM provides you with multiple streams of income. That stated, to answer your question succinctly, you need both!

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