How To Do SEO Content Optimization In Google's World

SEO Content Optimization

There are two ways to perform SEO Content Optimization; Google’s way and the wrong way! Do it in the manner designated by the folks headquartered at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, California, and you will enjoy the benefits of substantial rankings. Do it the other ways as prescribed by the cut corner content gurus, and come Google Algorithm Update time, you will experience the dreaded, “Google screwed me headache!”

The beautiful thing about the type of content that Google desires is that big G provides us with a clear and concise framework to follow. Be advised, following Google’s guidelines is time-consuming, laborious, taxing on the cranial cavity, and costly in terms of paying writers.

Hence, the reason the SEO content optimization landscape is littered with content providers who thrive on cutting corners and using sneaky little tricks to evade Google Algorithm updates.

SEO Content Optimization In a Nutshell

You want to avoid tactics such as spun content, hidden characters, content jacking, and other underhanded methods people use to trick search engines. Especially if your website means something to you; on the other hand, some people have websites referred to as “Churn and burn” websites they don’t care about losing.

These people rapidly churn out websites utilizing spun content, content jacking, and hidden content; the scheme is to rake in the cash until their sites are reported or the search engines red flag and de-index them. The expectation is, their sites will get burned; that’s why they keep churning them out, Google takes one down, they launch three more; it’s how they roll.

In the long run, the churn and burn game is not worth it! Neither is trying to trick any of the search engines. The fact is proper SEO content optimization yields much better returns.

If you want to know what Google looks for concerning content, they deem acceptable, just ask! Here is a Google White Paper that answers all your questions concerning SEO optimized content.