Voice Search Optimization Is Becoming a Game Changer!

Voice Search Optimization

When Google rolled out their voice technology, the first thing SEOs looked into was voice search optimization. To be crystal clear, the rise of voice technology is upon us. The war between the major players is heating up with a big push to get the masses to accept this technology.

Currently, the big tech voice players are:

  • Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service
  • Apple’s Siri Voice Assistant
  • Google Assistant
  • Microsoft’s Cortana Virtual Assistant

Here are some questions you need to answer as an SEO, business owner, webmaster, Internet Marketer, and Entrepreneur.

  • What are the effects of Voice Technology on Search Engine Optimization?
  • How does this technology recognize a person’s voice?
  • How does an SEO engage in voice search optimization?
  • How do keywords come into play with voice technology?
  • I heard about “question words” what do they mean?
  • How does voice impact local SEO?
  • How are voice searches answered?
  • Do voice searches impact eCommerce?
  • What’s the easiest way for SEOs and webmasters to adapt to voice search technology?

Looking back, countless companies refused to adapt to the Internet as it gained popularity. Big brands like Sears, JCPenney’s, Blockbuster, and RadioShack all fell to the business misdeed of not adapting to technology. Although RadioShack is attempting to make a comeback, they have yet to identify their niche and target market or develop a solid marketing plan.

My point? They are still behind the times!

If you are not looking into voice and engaging in voice search optimization, you may look up one day and see that the market has left you high and dry.

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