SEO Companies For Small Business Make a Large Imprint

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As a small business owner wearing multiple hats, it’s fantastic to know that SEO Companies For Small Business exist. Not only do they exist, but they can engage in the type of search engine optimization strategies and tactics that puts you in a position to outrank the big corporations with their deep pockets.

That’s right! You can compete with and outrank big companies when you choose experienced and seasoned SEO Consultants. It is essential to understand that selecting an exceptional company is a lot, like choosing a mate. You look for specific attributes to let you know that you have found “The One!”

In this brief tutorial, I will cover the characteristics to look for when choosing an SEO company for your small business. If an SEO company exemplifies all these areas, you have found a WINNER; if they don’t move on!

They Never Stop Learning SEO

Search engine optimization changes daily. One must continuously adjust to Google Algorithm Updates, ranking factor changes, competition, SEO Tools, and new technology. A few of the latest technologies that impact SEO is voice technology, Mobile First Indexing, and responsive web designs.

The great SEOs stay on top of these changes by adopting and adapting to the changes and keeping abreast of the latest SEO News.The moment someone holds on to expired SEO strategies and tactics is the moment they become irrelevant to the search engines.

They Have Mastered Keyword Research

The foundation of succeeding in Internet Marketing starts with Keyword Research. For the SEO companies and businesses that get this facet of Search Engine Marketing wrong, Internet Marketing becomes a stressful headache. This is one prime reason so many companies offering SEO Services fall by the wayside; they never grasped keyword research.

SEO Companies For Small Business Use Killer SEO Tools

There is an acronym few people in the industry are familiar with; it is called IMATs. It stands for Internet Marketing Automation Tools. People who don’t use IMATs cannot compete with those who do. IMATs are tools used to automate tedious and laborious but significant elements of SEO.

Put it like this; if you are going to war and your opponent is armed with AC-130J Gunships, A-10 Warthogs, F-35s, B-52s, B-1s, B-2s, MQ-9 Reaper Drones, and surface to air missiles, and all you are armed with is bayonets, and single-engine biplanes, who’s going to win that war? Not you, and that is a fact!

In the search engine optimization war, the companies that don’t have the killer SEO tools never win! If a company is not using IMATs, don’t use them!

They Are Google Search Console Gurus

Google Search Console Dashboard

A guru is defined as an influential teacher or popular expert. When you hire an SEO expert, one of the first things they will do is place your website in the Google Search Console and teach you how to use it. The information provided by the GSC is critical in helping sites in terms of indexing, ranking, and SEO improvements. If you are not using GSC, you are at a decided disadvantage.

They Are Google Analytics Geeks

The top SEOs are GA Geeks! Successful Internet Marketing is driven by data that must be at your fingertips at a moment’s notice. I have a lesson for you, picture yourself attempting to fly a B-2 bomber over enemy territory in pitch-black darkness. The reality is, it can’t be done unless you are an “Instrument Rated Pilot.”


In SEO, you fly in complete darkness over enemy territory; your instruments are Google Analytics and other IMATs that enable you to spy on and reverse engineer your competition. To put it succinctly, attempting to do SEO without the use of IMATs, the Google Search Console, and Google Analytics is like trying to fly a jet aircraft in pitch-black darkness without using any in-flight instrument panels. SEO Companies For Small Business know this and they NEVER make such an egregious oversight!

They Eat, Sleep, And Live SEO!

Like a thirty-year-old landfill site, the SEO landscape is littered with wannabes, has-beens’ fool’s gold, and failures.

The common denominator they all have is, they did not eat, sleep, and live SEO. There is no other way to learn and master search engine optimization.

There are no shortcuts, and no quick learn it courses or easy methods. The ONLY way to learn SEO after receiving basic training is to jump into the trenches and fight until you know how to rank any keyword!

SEO landfill

They Fight The SEO War Fearlessly

Time and again, you will see and hear me declare that SEO is WAR! Another reason so many fail at online marketing is that they fail or refuse to embrace this fact. When you are attempting to rank for specific keywords, you are not the only one.

That being the case, your competitors are seeking to push you back into (SERPO) Search Engine Results Page Obscurity, where you will never be found. None of your competitors want you to succeed, not when you are all targeting the same keywords.

Consequently, your SEO Consultant MUST fight the SEO War fearlessly!

Meaning, they must have all the right IMATs at their disposal. They must be experts at spying on your competition. They must be authorities at reverse engineering your competition. They must be stealth specialists at acquiring high-value backlinks. They must read and decipher the data from the Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, and SEMRush like elite Codebreakers.

If your SEO does not meet all these qualifications, you didn’t choose the right one! Although there is a ton of SEO Companies For Small Business, like the Marines, only a few meet the standard.