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What do you think happens when keyword research is taken lightly or altogether ignored? Flawed keyword research gets conducted! And, lousy keyword research causes problems at ALL levels of your online marketing campaigns and business strategies. If proper keyword research is not performed, EVERYTHING related to your online success is out of alignment and therefore doomed to fail.

There are numerous reasons why you need keyword research services, but the most critical boils down to this; without the proper keywords, nothing online will work for you, at least not at a level worth talking about, and you will be hard-pressed to earn any income!

And, when I say, NOTHING will work! I mean, not SEO! Not PPC! Not YouTube! Not FaceBook! Not Instagram! Not Pinterest! Not Etsy! Nothing, Nada! Now, add up all the costs!

It means that your website won’t get traffic, which means that your website does not exist for all practical intents and purposes.

The trickle-down effect states that since you have no traffic, you cannot build a solid email list, so; you won’t get subscribers.

If that didn’t alarm you, how about YouTube? Your YouTube videos will never rank. Why not? Because you need views, likes, and subscribers, which you can’t get without appeasing YouTube’s Algorithm hunger for keywords. Look at these YouTube videos and notice how they get views.

It also means that since your Pay Per Click campaigns aren’t keyword targeted, they will be a total waste of money.

Flawed keyword research is one of the notable reasons many businesses fail online; to those businesses and enterprises, keyword research isn’t a priority. Please don’t follow in their footsteps! Keyword research is one of the most essential parts of SEO. Below, we will present 18 reasons why using an SEO professional with experience to provide you with keyword research services!

Keyword Research Services Facts

Here are 18 vital FACTS you need to understand about Keyword Research.

Search Engines

Each platform such as YouTube, Google, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Etsy, etc., is a search engine in and of itself.

Search Approaches

The strategies, tactics and tools used to find keywords on YouTube, Etsy, and FaceBook, will not work for Amazon, Pinterest, or Snapchat. Your search approach must match the platform.

Keyword Basics

It typically takes 40 – 200 hours to understand the basics of researching keywords.

Advanced Keywords

These strategies and tactics generally require an additional 1000 hours to master.

Tools of the Trade

You need at least 3 keyword research tools to be able to accurately vet keyword phrases.

The Keyword Journey

You will fail at keyword research before you start succeeding.

Niche Research

You must comprehend Niche Research to engage in effective Keyword Research.

Lack of Expertise

What you don’t know about Keyword and Niche Research will cost you dearly.

Monthly Costs

On average, Keyword Researchers invest $300 p/m on Keyword Research Tools.

Time Factors

Keyword Specialists spend roughly 20 – 48 hours crafting profitable Keyword Plans.

LSI Keywords

Latent Semantic Index Keywords are crucial to a successful keyword project; if you miss LSI, you missed the boat.

Reverse Engineering

Understanding how your competition ranks for certain keywords is another crucial part of keyword research.

NLP Keywords

If you don’t understand and implement Google’s Natural Language Processing, better known and NLP SEO, you’re sunk!

Anchor Text Distribution

Having the correct keywords without the correct anchor text distribution means that you failed at providing Keyword Research Services.

Keyword Difficulty

How much money, energy, time, and expertise will be required to rank a keyword phrase? The right tools will help you accurately gauge KD.

Reverse Engineering

Understanding how you competition has ranked for certain keywords is another crucial part of keyword research.

On-Page Analysis

How much money, energy, time, and expertise will be required to rank a keyword phrase? The right tools will help you accurately gauge KD.

Rank Tracking

Where are your keywords ranked and why? What about your competitors? If you can’t answer those questions, you LOSE!

Why SEO For Local?

We have invested the time, money, and energy to experts at Keyword Research Services. We’ve worked through the learning curve, invested in the tools and we’re ready to help you take your online venture to the next level.

In this video Entrepreneur, Author and phenomenally successful IMer, Neil Patel breaks down the #1 mistake nearly everyone makes online. A mistake that YOU must avoid at all costs!

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