Voice Search Optimization Is Becoming a Game Changer!

Voice Search Optimization

When Google rolled out their voice technology, the first thing SEOs looked into was voice search optimization. To be crystal clear, the rise of voice technology is upon us. The war between the major players is heating up with a big push to get the masses to accept this technology.

Google Maps Update Rolls Out 4 Brand New Features

Google Maps Update

If you don’t know about the latest Google Maps Update roll out, you will likely be pretty impressed if you are business owner! We always inform local businesses to keep abreast of the latest roll outs and make sure that their Google My Business page is always SEO optimized.

Search Engine Marketing During a Pandemic

search engine marketing

Are you wondering what happens to (SEM) Search Engine Marketing during a pandemic such as Covid-19? Countless business owners, Entrepreneurs, and aspiring owners are anxiously wringing their hands as their dreams rapidly fade away; while others are making bank!

How To Do SEO Content Optimization In Google’s World

SEO Content Optimization

How To Do SEO Content Optimization In Google’s World There are two ways to perform SEO Content Optimization; Google’s way and the wrong way! Do it in the manner designated by the folks headquartered at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, California, and you will enjoy the benefits of substantial rankings. Do it the other […]